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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  November 23, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PST

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francisco. hundreds of people in line. we'll tell you why some of these people started shopping right after they finished their thanksgiving dinner. we're live in san rafael where police are investigating an overnight shooting at a nightclub that sent two people to the hospital. we'll tell you how the violence started. plus seven bay area residents snagged in a massive interstate drug bust. the heart land where they are accused of setting millions of dollars worth of drugs. good morning. it is friday november 23rd i'm claudine wong in for pam cook. >> and good morning, i'm dave clark. let's check weather and traffic. let's go first to steve paulson. >> you know something i don't? that's a good feeling to have. and because the weekend looks
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good weather if you enjoyed yesterday looks like it carried all the way through today. 30s and 40s will end up with mostly sunny skies. >> a live look at the east shore freeway. you can see traffic the headlights there. no problems to report. and at the san mateo bridge you can see traffic flowing nightly on to foster city. let's head back to the desk. all right happening right now the black friday rush under way in san francisco. let's go out to ktvu channel 2 reporter alex savidge who is at the westfield mall in san francisco. doors just opened right? >> yes the madness under way here. take a look. this is westfield shopping center right on market street in san francisco. they just opened those doors a few seconds ago. the crowd here erupted in a big cheer as the folks from the shopping center opened the doors and they are inside the mall right now. they are heading off to try to find the best deals they can
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possibly find on this black friday. a lot of stores in this area have been open since midnight but of course the mall here opening up at 5:00. i want to show you this line that is still going on. these are hundreds of people who have been camped out here overnight. they are all waiting to get inside the abercrombie and fitch store where apparently for the first hour or so the deals will be 50% off. we talked to some of these folks they have been waiting a long time. >> we have pretty much been down here since 6:00 p.m.. trying to see which stores will be open and what time they open and what kind of sales they're having. we've been roaming around here for a really long time. >> reporter: you look like you're in a tase? >> yes my eyes are red and i'm cold. for >> i'm waiting for the mall to open. but the deals are really good right now. >> reporter: coming back out here live here we are outside the abercrombie and fitch
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store. look at this crowd. just a mob of people. doors if they can pry the doors open here through this crowd of people they will be opening them up at 5:00 here. and half off the store. once all these folks get inside. it is just going to be chaos. i can only imagine inside that store once those doors open up we'll let you know how things look here once they get the doors open. we are live this morning in san francisco alex savidge. check out these pictures from dublin a similar situation when the doors opened there shoppers rushed on into this target when it opened up at 9:00 last night. the store opened three hours earlier than it did last year. for the first time sears rolled out its black friday deals starting at 8:00 p.m.. in oakland people lined up as early as 4:30 yesterday afternoon to get a 50-inch television for $300. and check out the lines at the great mall in milpitas. they stretched for several
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miles wrapping around that building. the mall opened up at midnight and will stay open until 10:00 tonight. time is 5:03. in other news overnight police in san rafael investigating an overnight shooting happened at a nightclub. ktvu lorraine blanco was in san rafael. she has the very latest details on this. lorraine. >> reporter: dave, it started with a fight inside club 101. but the gunfire happened in this parking lot you see behind me over here. it's right off the 101 freeway in san rafael. you can see several investigators still out here four hours later trying to piece together what happened. san rafael police tell us the shooting took place just before 1:00 a.m. here. there was a huge crowd in the parking lot when they arrived. officers say two men were hit by bullets. those men were transported to marin general hospital with nonlife threatening injuries. police have detained two other men at this point they are still trying to determine if and how they were involved. >> i can tell you as far as i
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have heard it sounds like this started as a physical altercation inside the club that may have spilled out into the parking lot. which culminate into shots being fired. >> reporter: police found several weapons on the scene. lieutenant told us there was another shooting here back in actually. that shooting was fatal. meanwhile investigators expect to be out of here for most of the morning. san francisco boulevard right now between anderson and 101 freeway will remain closed for a few more minutes. this parking lot will be closed for several hours. reporting live in san rafael lorraine blanco ktvu channel 2 news. time now 5:04. police in richmond investigating a second deadly shooting on the very same block this week. the latest incident happened on fifth and barrett in the iron triangle district about 10:00 last night. man walked up to the victim who was sitting on a porch and started shooting. now that shooting was just a few yards away from a makeshift memorial where another man was shot and killed tuesday.
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police say they don't think there is a connection between the two cases. a stretch of san francisco open beach is closed because of a is sewage spill. barricades are set up at a section of baboa street. the public utility commission want there is to be three consecutive days of good water quality test results before that beach is reopened to the public. downtown walnut creek is on the path to constructing pedestrian developments. making the requirements smaller and encouraging more pedestrians. the long awaited locust street plan focuses on under developed land hoping to add new hotel, and retail. several people who live on the mendocino coast are facing
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charges of an investigation of a drug ring in kansas. press democrat reports seven mendocino county residents are named allock with 36 other -- along with 36 others. investigators say the seven are ascussed of sell -- accused of selling marijuana to a drug trafficking organization that reportedly took in $17 million between 2005 and 2012. trials will are expected to be held in kansas city, kansas. back here home there have been several reports about plans for the 49ers about who will be the quarterback either alex smith or collin. we'll tell you what the 49ers are cig about all of -- are saying about all of this. meanwhile on the first day of the holiday weekend the highway patrol has busted more bay area drivers for dui than they did last year. the chp made 50 arrests wednesday. but statewide the number of dui arrests actually went down. 262 people were arrested
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wednesday compared to 267 last year. all right. time now 5:07. let's check in with tara. i know it's early but there is a traffic problem in the south bay. >> we have a downed traffic pole. 680 northbound and it is blocking the off ramp there. but chp is on scene. hopefully they will be clear soon. let's head over to the pittsburgh area. no slow downs. those headlights are westbound traffic as you make your way toward concord. on the bay bridge toll plaza clear going. and finally 280 in san jose same story. we really do anticipate staying this way throughout the morning. steve. let's check in with you. tara, thank you much. we do have mostly clear skies. it could be a little bit of patchy fog. let's take a look at the totals. pretty good. santa rosa 5.61. almost 100%. they will be adding to that by the end of next week. the city 121%. this is a combination of mint
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hill which is the official reporting station and our observer mike he always tends to run a little heavier than the official reading. so i'm kind of fudging the numbers. it's close. four and a third. san jose only 61%. so take the san jose one with a grain of salt. to the north we have a lot of high clouds. storm track stays there until next week. it looks like the door will come in for rain. that could be about it. but again so far things are not popping up. they are out in the valley. but for us we'll keep an eye on things. a dry forecast. mild to warm. average high this time of year 61-65. or closer to about 64-70. we're running a little above on the high temps. 30s showing up here. napa is 31. fairfield is 38. a lot of 30s close to 40s in there.
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redwood city is even 42. high pressure our fair weather friend as it kicks everything expect for a few high clouds to the north. mostly sunny. higher clouds. the breeze that settles in pretty quick. i think after patchy fog. 60s on the temps. one of those days when coast bay and inland are all within a degree or two. but it will be mild to warm for almost everybody. we'll take that into saturday. sunday a little cooler. increasing clouds tuesday. clouding up on wednesday. and speaking out for the first time. how the former moraga school board president is responding after stepping down just one day after being reelected. plus why the president of mexico wants to change the country's name. and here's a look at highway 24 through lafayette, it looks like we have something going on there. we'll check it out for you coming up in traffic. into their work,
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their name on the door, and their heart into their community. small business saturday is a day to show our support. a day to shop at stores owned by our friends and neighbors. and do our part for the businesses
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that do so much for us. on november 24th, let's get out and shop small. israeli police have arrested the suspects in a tel aviv blast that injured two dozen people. the arrest include an and several west bank palestinians. they are accused of carrying out a bus bombing wednesday just hours before the cease fire was declared. police say the bomb was detonated by a cell phone. boxing legend has been declared brain dead. following a shooting that left him critically injured.
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his relatives are considering whether to remove him from life support. he was shot in the face tuesday while sitting in a car in puerto rico. ten bags of cocaine were found in the vehicle. he is a former three-time world champion. time is 5:13. the former school board president in moraga finally talking publicly about resigning less than 24 hours after being reelected. dexter lou we stepped out. christian is suing the school district for allegedly failing to stop years of sexual abuse by two of her teachers back in the 1990s. sources say louie may have had a conflict of interest in the case since two of louie
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surrealities spoke out about one of the abusers. police searching for a man who stole a car and robbed a woman. the suspect has been identified as 29-year-old duncan phillips. he's accused of robbing a woman in his apartment. moments later police got another call from a woman who was a friend of the first victim that said her car had been stolen. police are searching for a 2004 ford taurus who has a license plate of 6tkl112. mexican president wants to change the name of the nation from united mexican states to just mexico. while the full name is rarely used his country does not need to imitate the u.s.. mexico adopted the name in 1824 after it won independence from spain. european union leaders have begun negotiations on a long- term budget plan for the region but it could take awhile before
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any agreement is reached. budget talks could stretch through the weekend because all 27 nations have the power to veto the budget. there does appear to be some signs of progress. time now 5:15. next month san francisco nasa says there will be an earth shattering announcement involving mars. nasa says it's a discovery made by the rover curiosity. coming up for you in nine minutes, we'll have a space expert saying what he thinks that announcement may be. the 49ers say you can forget about all those published reports about the team's quarterback controversy. the team says there is still no final decision on whether quarterback will start against the new orlean saints on sunday. the niners are still waiting for word on whether alex smith is going to get medical clearance following his concussion two weeks ago. some news organizations are reporting collin has already
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been picked as a starter after his great game against the chicago bears on monday night. all right time now 5:16. we may just suit up tara but she is busy right now. >> my dad said i always had a candy arm. >> at least you know about this mornings traffic right? >> i do. and that is good news. there is basically no traffic outside right now. expect if you are at a strip mall or a mall you know we've got a lot of folks out there for the black friday sales. definitely some hectic getting in and out of the parking lots. right now let's take a look at the golden gate bridge. you can see no delays into san francisco. and 880 you can see traffic is is flowing well there. and on the left hand side there down toward hayward. finally 280 at the 880 interchange this is in san jose. you can see traffic also flowing well at this hour. 5:17 let's check in with steve.
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oh tara. you flatter me so. thank you. even claudine's eyes shot up. it's nice out there. a little cold for some. upper 30s. i know santa rosa is in there 39. fairfield was also there near concord. this little chill could be a lot colder. it's a dry pattern. and we're running above average on the high temperatures. few clouds coming in. patchy fog. so far i can't find anything around here. that doesn't mean there is anything around here. but there is some out toward stockton and sacramento. nothing worse than driving in that valley fog. today, tomorrow probably sunday and monday dry forecast for those that need to know. i run into people all the time. maybe next thursday. thursday, friday,. until then mild to warm. everything right now as far as the jet stream stays up toward oregon and seattle. pretty active jet stream.
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30s, 40s to 50s. few locations on the mild side. others are darn cold. everything looks good to go here expect for some of that fog we'll keep an eye on things here. high clouds to the north. patchy fog. 60s coast bay inland everybody will be within a couple degrees of each other. average highs this time of year 61-65. looks like no change into saturday and also sunday. a little cooler as we get a northwest breeze on monday and okay tuesday but then starting to cloud up as we get toward midweek. the world markets are rather subdued at this hour. the asian markets saw little movement overnight. the hong kong index rose eight tenths of a percent. the european parks aren't seeing much action either as we mentioned moments ago investigators are paying attention to long-term budget talks. back here in the u.s. economists predict a light trading day today. these are the final numbers
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from wednesday. remember the markets were closed for thanksgiving. and they are going to open this morning but it will be a short day. they will close early at 1:00 p.m. eastern. retail experts say there could be a smaller turnout in stores today as more people may be shopping the online black friday deals. new report by adobe predicts cyber monday sales will go up 18% and hit $2 million. this as more and more traditional brick and motor stores are putting their deals online. what we are finding out about another investigation involving the death of an inmate at the santa cruz county jail. plus a $55 year holiday tradition in southern california is caught in a controversy. why the courts are getting involved. also you can wake up with ktvu every morning. get the morning top stories that developed while you were asleep sent straight to your
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welcome back. time now 5:23. 50 inmates have been sickened by carbon monoxide poisoning. this happened wednesday night. officials say it may have come
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out of the heating and air conditioning system there. the prison board is investigating. back here at home investigators are look into the death of a 47-year-old inmate at the santa cruz county jail. now this is the third death involving an inmate at that jail in the past four months. officials say the cause of death still hasn't been determined but the man was having withdrawal symptoms from drug use. we don't know his name. it hasn't been released yet. he recently been arrested on probation violation. controversy is brewing over a nativity scene and the court is getting involved. district court judge has sided with the city of santa monica in its bid to remove a nativity scene that has been at the park for 55 years. recently a group of atheist flooded the city. >> if you keep caving to this hate speech and i'm going to call it that for the first time, you know hate speech also includes the hay treat of the christian message.
5:25 am
and there is a war on christmas. >> the city says the displays create too much paper work and hazardous to the park. the case will have another hearing on december 3rd. space enthusiasts are awaiting an nasa announcement. a rover sent to the planet mars has made an important discovery. the rover is named curiosity and landed on the red planet earlier this year and taken samples of march sin soil for three months. while nasa is mum about the discovery curiosity was designed to find organic molecules the building blocks of life. >> really beginning to be rewrite the book kind of discoveries if we see what we hope to find. >> scientists will reveal their discovery at a science conference in san francisco in two weeks. you may be curious about this. traveling from southern california to las vegas is about to become a big party.
5:26 am
a nevada company is a step closer to putting a party train on the tracks after they reached an agreement with union pacific railroad last week. we were told the trains would feature a lounge, ts, a private car for bachelor parties. a ticket would be about $99 each way and includes food and drinks. now this proposed train could be up and running by sometime next year. let's head out to tara moriarty. you have traffic hazards to tell us about. >> that is right. we have a two-car crash on 580 westbound. and along 101 northbound at the 280 northbound connector there is a car in the center divider there. it is being cleared hopefully. right now we will go to 280 at the 880 split no problems to report there. 6680 at the sunol grade no problem there is. we have mostly clear skies. a little bit of fog to the valley. overall highs today very close
5:27 am
to yesterday. we're running a little bit allove average on some of the temps here. so i mean the lows are upper 30s. 39 walnut creek. 39 santa rosa. 38 let's see who was i? fairfield and clayton. there is cool lows. patchy fog low visibility. look for temperatures to be on the mild side. very close to yesterday. it's a dry forecast. we'll talk about that and when our next rain might show upcoming up. time now 5:26. gunfire at a north bay nightclub. what the police have said about how the violence started. plus we will get a live report with the very latest on that midnight shooting. a fire captain is hospitalized and more than a dozen people are without a home after a fire rips through town home complex. we'll have the latest on the investigation. plus black friday madness is happening right now outthroughout the bay area. we'll let wow know where the crowds are at this hour and what you can expect later today.
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good morning, to you. welcome back. this is ktvu channel 2 morning news it's friday november 23rd i'm dave clark. >> and i'm claudine wong. pam cook has the morning off. your time is 5:30. let's head over to steve paulson. you know, steve. >> i've been listening to you. keep going. >> i have a lot to say. >> yes, you do. weather wise i have a lot to say. >> weather wise i have to say
5:31 am
it's cold out there. >> it is cold out there for some. 30s and patchy fog. highs will be a little above formal here in the low to mid few upper 60s. here is tara. here's a live look at highway 4 through bay point. a little bit of fog out there. make sure you drive slowly. at the san mateo bridge you can see the traffic is slowing well in both directions and no sign of fog that we normally see here. let's head back to the desk. time now 5:30. happening right now black friday shopping is already happening all over the bay area. these are live pictures we have for you. the west field mall on market street in san francisco is it really 5:30 in the morning? are there really clouds of people out there? yes. the doors opened there for hundreds of people who lined up outside overnight. several were waiting to get into the abercrombie and fitch store which is offering 50% off for the first hour.
5:32 am
other stores also offering big discounts. the ktvu alex savidge is out there right now and he'll come back with latest details on what the crowds are doing there. meantime just hours ago a week long wait finally came to an end for those who camped out at the best buy stores all over the bay area. yeah this was midnight. best buy opened its doors and this is what it looked like out in emery vail. a lot of people who were there said they were trying to get their hands on a $180 40-inch tv and a $200 laptop. >> when you get in there you fete in and out. >> it's that simple. now best buy offered deep discounts on phones on ipads, video games and dvds. i've got to show you something else. look at this long line of cars all leading up to the new paragon outlets in livermore.
5:33 am
news chopper 2 was flying over just as the mall opened up at 10:00 last night. the cars are out there as far as you can see. the turnout was huge and there was a huge backup as well. some people are protesting black friday this year. hundreds of walmart employees have walked off the job across the nation and similar protests are planned here in the bay area. coming up at 545 we'll tell you why the workers are so upset. turning now to other news an apartment fire in san jose sent a fire captain to the hospital. janine de la vega is live to explain how many people were left homeless by that fire and has more information on the captain's condition. janine. >> reporter: firefighters have been keeping a close eye on this town home complex. they are looking for hot spots. you can see the chimney there there is smoke damage and you can see where the fire burnt holes through this building. this fire broke out at 8:20 last fight. flames were shooting through
5:34 am
the roof at this apartment complex. this fire quickly escalated to three alarms. firefighters doused the flames with water from inside but then they had to move outside once the roof collapsed and fell on a fire captain who was take ton the hospital. we hear he lad a concussion and a fracture in one of his vertebraes which is really a break in his neck. they are grateful for the firefighters and describe frightening moments. >> they kept spraying the water and it sounded like they were spaying the water over to our place. i only live two doors down. i've never seen a fire like that before. >> reporter: four of the six units in that complex have severe smoke and water damage and unlivable. 18 people were displaced which included families with children. fire officials are calling the cause accidental. they say they were told that somebody did start a fire in the fireplace but they are unsure if really that's what led to the fire.
5:35 am
they are looking into that. back out here live again firefighters are still out here watching this building. they told me they feel lucky and that they really dodged a bullet. at least with this fire captain. they're happy he's alive. they will be running tests on that fire captain this morning. he does have a break, a fracture in his neck. but they say he's not going to be paralyzed. he will be okay. reporting live from san jose janine de la vega. 5:34 now. pg&e continues to work on a down power line that caused a small fire and left residents in the dark. smoke came from that power pole just after midnight. sparks flew to a nearby tree and touched off that small fire. crews did have to spray water on the back of a home to prevent it from catching fire. 228 customers lost fire. pg&e is continuing to work. time is 5:35. overnight violence at a north
5:36 am
bay nightclub reports of people shot. ktvu lorraine blanco live at club 101 in san rafael. so lorraine what do you know? $dave, police are still trying to figure out where the shooting took place. you can see they have their csi unit out here right now. and behind the tape you can see there are little red dots on the pavement out there. those are evidence markers. lieutenant on scene tells us they will be looking for and collecting evidence here for much of the morning. san rafael police tell us the violence started with a fight inside club 101. the gunfire was exchanged outside the club just before 1:00 a.m.. officers say two men were hit by bullets. those men were transported to marin general hospital with nonlife threatening injuries. police detained two other men. right now they are still trying to determine if and how they were involved. there was a huge crowd in the parking lot when police arrived. >> we basically were able to lock down the entire parking lot. it was fortunate enough there
5:37 am
is only a few areas of egress out of the parking lot. we are able to lock it down and real quickly and identify most of the people we don't believe many people would have gotten out after the shooting. >> reporter: police found several weapons on scene. club 101 describes itself as marin's hottest nightclub. it plays latin, hip hop, and tech know music. there was another shooting back here in 2008. that shooting was fatal. he says half the last time this club had any serious problems. reporting live in san rafael lorraine blanco ktvu channel 2 news. time is 5:36. it won't be until next week when we get the final traffic numbers but the roads out there have already been dangerous since the beginning of the long holiday weekend. the chp reports two lake county men have died. they crashed into another vehicle on wednesday night in the town of clear lake oaks. three people in the other car including a 12-year-old santa rosa girl were hurt. that driver suffered critical injuries. the girl was air lifted to uc
5:38 am
davis medical center. we're told she has been released from the hospital. snow is coming to marin temperature it is all part of the parade of lights and winter underlapped in san rafael with a free sledding hill. the parade of lights starts at 5:30 followed by a tree lighting ceremony with santa. here's a quick look at some of the other tree lighting events and other events going on in the bay area today. the 48th annual tree lighting ceremony will be held at gear dellly chocolate square. time now 5:38. just in case you have to get on the roads tara is watching things for you. >> we have pretty clear roadways. we can show you all over the green lines that you see in that basically there are no problems. if we take a look at the maps
5:39 am
there. that doesn't normally look like that. if we zoom in here on san francisco you can see we do have the shoulder blocked here 280 northbound at 101 that is due to a disabled vehicle. and up next we take a look at the bay bridge toll plaza you can see we have no delays as you drive into san francisco this morning. and finally at the san mateo bridge same story. normally this is pretty fogged in and we're lucky this morning it's very clear out there. smooth sailing on to foster city on the right hand side and hayward on the left. 5:38 steve. >> tara. >> how is daily city? >> d.c. is good. >> everybody good in the 650. >> that is right. we do have a little break in the rain as you know. temperatures on the mild side but it's a dry pattern. next rain could start next wednesday up into the north bay. early december looks pretty wet. rainfall we're not doing too bad. santa rosa almost 100%. the city is doing very well. four and a third.
5:40 am
that is 121%. take san jose official rain with a grain of salt. 61%. around a couple miles away you can find almost double this amount. we are doing fine. there is more on the way as we head toward next week. until then everything says high clouds and that is about it. you can see some of those skirting the area to the north and i'll show you that in a second. fog, cold inland. sfo is 54-degrees with a little north wind. clear skies. sunshine. there will be a few high clouds. especially toward the north. you can see the system tracking right up there toward the oregon border. occasionally higher clouds drift off. but that seems to be the end of the line right there. 30s and 40s on the temps. kind of cold for some. i did see 39 walnut creek. 39 napa. so far the fog looks to be in the valley. some of that could work its way toward the delta. so far everything says mostly clear. we'll end up with mostly sunny skies.
5:41 am
high clouds further north. patchy fog the next hour or two. haze kind around the edges now. 60s on the temps. everyone very, very close here. between 65 i think and 70 covers it. north bay, east bay, south bay. along the coast san mateo coast santa cruz and even the peninsula redwood city 67. san bruno 65. mild to warm saturday and sunday. a little cooler monday. fans of a controversial standup comic says he has gone too far. also a middle east leader prizes a peacemaker also accused of making a power play back at home. and here's a live look at 101 through san francisco you can see traffic moving well. we'll have more traffic highlights coming up.
5:42 am
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good morning. cold out there. 30s and 40s. although closer to the coast not too bad. higher clouds. highs 60s. welcome back. good morning, to you. here's a quick look at some of the top stories we are following for you right now at 5:43. two men have been detained by san rafael police that is in connection with a double shooting at a nightclub. there was a fight inside club 101 that spilled out into the parking lot. the two shooting victims are expected to recover. the black friday shopping frenzy is happening as we speak all around the bay area. hundreds of people waited in line overnight to get their hands on big deals. some of the bay area stores opened as early as 8:00 last fight. ktvu is all over the place. we'll bring you a live report on all of this in just about 15
5:45 am
minutes. and almost 20 people have to find a new place to live this holiday weekend. after this apartment house fire. the san jose captain was also seriously hurt during this fire. suffered a bad neck injury. investigators are looking for the cause of that fire. in overnight news taliban is claiming responsibility for a suicide car bombing in eastern afghanistan. at least two people were killed. 60 others were hurt. it was in response to the recent execution of four taliban prisoners at the afghan's government main detention center in kabul. egypt's president is earning praise around the world to help with the cease fire. now they have made a controversial political power play in his own country. he has issued an emergency decree that bars the egyptian court system from overruling his decision.
5:46 am
>> all decisions the president has made since taking office in new and new constitution are not subject to appeal in court or by any other authority. >> morsi's critics are outraged saying the president is moving down the path of becoming a dictator. lobbiest are really reaching out to lawmakers trying to protect their interests as those fiscal cliff negotiations get under way. supporters are pushing lawmakers to protect social social security, medicare, and medicaid. the lobbiest with the defense industry they are also trying to fight spending cut backs. and the companies that make medical devices they are are trying to block new taxes from taking effect on their products because of the new health care reform law. a package of tax hikes and spending cuts known as the fiscal cliff will take effect in january unless congress can do something to balance the budget. happening right now workers at walmart stores starting to
5:47 am
walk off the job during the big holiday shopping rush. i want to take you to texas just got this in. workers walked off the job right as shoppers were getting ready to go into the store. other protests are planned in walmarts throughout the bay area. employees say they want walmart to pay better wages. while some say they will still shop at al port others say -- walmart others say they will support those workers. >> if they walk out, i'm not going to shop until they settle with them. you can bet that. >> the picketers were planning to protest outside of sam club stores. in sacramento there were very tense moments for shoppers. you can see there the cameras are rolling when one k-mart shopper threatened to stab others were people started shoving to get inside that store. many people said there should have been more security because
5:48 am
they did not feel safe. millions of people are out shopping for those black friday deals. long lines and stressed shoppers also pose a potential threat to cashiers as they ring up customers. coming up the warning for store employees. some local fans of comedian cat williams thinks they became the butt of his jokes. thousands of people attended his comedy show last friday night at the oracle arena but some have joined a class action lawsuit accusing williams of bizarre behavior. such as confronting heckler, trying to fight at least three audience members, and bolting from the stage after ten minutes. the suit says audience members deserve their money back and names williams and the promoter at live nations. feet defendant has commented publicly. time now 5:48. let's get you moving now. in case you have some place to go. tara is watching our commute so
5:49 am
far. what do you got? >> we have no delays on your roadways. alex has been showing us those pictures of people in san francisco lining up at westfield mall searching for the holiday deals. that is where you will see the most congestion this morning. in the south bay right now we'll take you outside to 237 near milpitas. no delays westbound as you drive toward sunnyvale. and 880 near the oakland coliseum same story. and in san francisco 101 northbound traffic on the left hand side there as you drive toward downtown and on to the bay bridge no delays. here is steve. thank you. we do have clear skies. a few high clouds to the north. maybe a little patchy fog but overall the pattern is very similar to what we had yesterday. most of the fog is out in the valley. some of that can creep back to the north bay and east bay. palo alto at 39. boulder creek is 38. upper 30s for many locations. 34 i think we saw at kenwood. there is cool readings. yet they will recover and dry
5:50 am
forecast. jet stream river up in the upper atmosphere staying focused toward the pacific northwest. few high clouds drift south but mainly toward the northern, sacramento valley. overall 30s and and 40s. those are cool readings around. sfo is 54. yet napa is 39. there is big differences. overall look for another day what we had yesterday which was a few high clouds. temperatures reeker -- recovering. now why is napa warmer than st. helena because their low is lower. hayward, san leandro take your pick. 70 gilroy. milpitas as well.
5:51 am
64 pacifica. also 67 for redwood city and menlo park and mountain view. mild to warm for most of the weekend. rain north baby wednesday night. the cease fire agreement between israel and palestinian militants could effect your pocketbook. oil prices fell today as the cease fire continues to hold some types of oil dropped z nearly 30 cents per barrel. if you have to go to work today, you can still get shopping in this weekend because tomorrow has been designated small business saturday. the event is organized by american express customers who enroll their american express card and spend $25 or more at participating merchants will get a $25 credit. american express says 100 million premonition-wide took part -- 100 million people worldwide took part in small
5:52 am
business last year. plus a new idea to make the most out of a disaster caused by super storm sandy and how they want to turn it into a moneymaker.
5:53 am
5:54 am
good morning. we have mostly clear skies. temperatures will warm up anywhere from 30s 40s to 50s on
5:55 am
the lows but 60s for highs. a n roller coaster knock -- a new jersey roller coaster knocked into the atlantic ocean because of super storm sandy may live on as a tourist attraction. the decision has not opinion made to -- he believes tourists will flock to see it. demolition crews have removed the damaged board walk. no power water shortages are expected from a huge power plant. the fire started in the control room of the plant yesterday morning. and mostly expecting the four stories of the plant that are below ground. firefighters made several attempts at putting the fire out but because of dangerous conditions they are letting it burn out instead. 5:55. oakland there is a very ambitious teenager who wants piedmont to become one with oakland.
5:56 am
17-year-old noah goldstein and his friends started the liberate piedmont movement. they have been hounding people in both cities they could share services and resources but piedmont's mayor told the chronicle they like their city just like it is. piedmont is a well to do community completely surrounded by oakland. authorities say today's shopping rush for black friday is a perfect opportunity for criminals to slip in counterfeit bills in store. long lines and very busy clerks make for a rushed situation at the cash registers and some criminals may try to put counterfeit bills in their stack of cash but employees probably missing it because of all the chaotic situations. secret service says if the bill feels different, it's probably fake. there is a way for you to watch the world series champion giants for as little as $8. single game tickets will go on
5:57 am
sale at 10:00 this morning. you can buy them online or at the giants dugout stores. now there is no service charge if you buy the tickets at the at & t parks store. exhibition games will cost just $5. it is time to go through your closet and collect your gently used coats because ktvu annual one warm coat drive begins today. and familiar faces from ktvu will be collecting new or lightly used coats at four bay area shopping centers. our own dave clark will be at broadway plaza. we will also have crews at san francisco ferry building bystreet in emery vail and santana road. we will pick kick off this campaign later this morning later on mornings on 2. >> it's always a great event. i always look forward. ly be by the giant christmas tree waiting for you. we're waiting for tara. she knows our commute. >> everything is looking pretty good. we don't have a lot of traffic
5:58 am
jams expect in the parking lots of malls and strip malls. of course people want to get those deals. right now let's take a live look at 280 at the 880 split in san jose. you can see people moving nicely and 680 at the sunol grade same story. let's head over to steve. well it happened just hours ago. we'll check in with steve in just a minute. first we want to talk about this deadly shooting in oakland. we'll tell you why this killing is especially tragic. also we're live news chopper 2 flying over it black friday is finally here. huge crowds already packing bay area shopping malls. we'll bring you a live report from downtown san francisco. a little cold out there for some. not bad for others. will high temperatures continue to warm up or begin a cool down as we go into the holiday weekend? we'll have forecast in two minutes.
5:59 am
can into their work, their name on the door, and their heart into their community.


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